Team Holp

Holp Construction & Design is owned by Terry and April Holp of Rockford Michigan. Terry developed his skills while working in new construction and remodeling before starting his own company in 1998. Terry is “Your On the Job Contractor” and works alongside of his subcontractors from the beginning to the end of your project.

April's first involvement in the business was helping out in the office. In 2005 she starting working fulltime for Holp Construction helping Terry manage various aspects of their projects, and has experience in kitchen & bath design.


Terry and his wife April have been married since 1993 and have two grown children. Terry and April have worked together for more then 10 years, each of them bring a unique perspective to your project.

"People ask us all the time how can you work with your spouse? I think it's because we both love what we do, it just makes it easy spending time with each other."

Holp Construction is a family business...

Our son Kyle has grown up around construction and today he has a knack for problem solving and is a valuable asset to team Holp.

Our daughter Janessa helps out with our marketing and advertising. In February of 2017 Janessa blessed us with our first grandbaby, a beautiful little girl.



“My first big project was this spec house we built in 2006. Terry let me take the lead from choosing the house plan, working with lender, to managing the project and working with the subs. He put me through a real life course at Holp Construction University that year.”
- April Holp


This was Kyle’s first solo construction project. He was hired by one of our remodeling customers to put together her grand daughters play set. He worked on it after school and weekend with his high school buddy. And yes that is a rock in the back yard!
- Rock Springs , Wyoming


“Growing up Holp meant time spent on job sites playing, while Dad worked building a garage or deck. I would ask if I could go to work with him to help clean up, but play was always first on my mind.”
- Kyle Holp


One of our most interesting projects out west was building a garage on top of rock. The mason had to bore holes into the rock to secure the cement foundation. We did a total of two garages for customers who had homes built up against the rock formations of this high desert town.
- Rock Springs , Wyoming