Remodeling Good, Fast, Cheap…You can have only two !

I still laugh about the contractor triangle I heard about on an episode of the Bernie Mac Show. I’ll explain, Bernie’s wife Wanda wants an new room addition for their house. The contractor gives him the price for everything Wanda has asked for and Bernie is of course shocked.  The contractor shows him a triangle that looks similar to the one above, and Bernie is told he can only have two and he needs to make his pick.

Then the contractor tells Bernie the options he will get with the two he picks:

“You can have it GOOD + FAST, but it won’t be cheap, because they will postpone every other job, cancel all appointments, and stay up 25-hours a day just to get your job done. {By the way, this is what his wife Wanda wants}.”

“You can have GOOD + CHEAP, but it won’t be fast, because they will do a great job for a discounted price, but you’ll have to be patient until they have a free moment from paying clients.”

Finally, “You can have FAST + CHEAP, but don’t expect it to be good because you’ll get what you pay for, which usually means shoddy work.”

Well this is the truth of it in a nut shell when choosing a contractor you need to decide what’s of most importance to you…Quality, Price or Time?

If you want it “Good” it will take time and you will pay more because your labor is skilled.

If you want it “Fast” quality can suffer and If you want it “Cheap” corners get cut.

Good, Fast and Cheap is the utopia of remodeling, it just doesn’t exist.

At Holp Construction & Design we offer a professional remodeling service that delivers a quality project in the time required.

We don’t cut corners or use inferior products, we don’t rush your job and sacrifice quality, and we charge exactly what’s needed to get the job done right the first time.

                     You deserve more than a cheap job!

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