How to Care for a Recessed Light Fixture

Lights are prone to get dim after prolonged exposure to dust and grime. For fixtures to be effective at lighting up a home, homeowners need to care for them with regular maintenance. Here’s a step by step guide on how to care for your recessed light fixtures.You will need:• a step ladder• damp cloth• dry, clean cloth

• a light bulb changing tool or duct tape for narrow trims


1. Turn off the lights you need to clean, and allow the bulbs to cool down before taking them out. Incandescent bulbs generate a lot of heat and can be harmful to touch. Compact fluorescent lights, on the other hand, are significantly cooler than incandescent bulbs, shortening the time you have to wait before you can hold them.


2. When the bulbs have cooled down, use a step ladder and unscrew them with your hands. For fixtures with a narrow trim, this could be difficult. In this case, you can use a light bulb changing tool, which is a pole that features an adjustable grasping mechanism on its end and allows you to get into the trim with ease.


3. In lieu of a changing tool, you can use a strip of duct tape and fold it back onto itself so that it creates a handle, with the adhesive side exposed. Insert your fingers through the opening and press your knuckles firmly onto the light bulb. The duct tape will stick to the bulb, after which you can unscrew it from the trim.


4. Wipe the bulbs with a damp cloth and alternately rub them with a dry one. Leave them out to dry completely before screwing them back into the fixture.


5. With the bulbs still out of the socket, wipe off dust and grime in the interior of the fixture. Unless the main power line has been turned off, never use a wet cloth in doing this, as it could lead to electrocution. When both the fixture and bulbs are fully dry, screw the lights bulb in.

Recessed lights, especially in the kitchen, should always be bright to ensure that tasks such as preparing meals and cooking are done more efficiently. Give the fixtures a thorough clean-up every once in a while to keep them in brilliant condition.

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