Mirror Makeovers


While completing remodel projects, we were faced with the same dilemma. Locate and install the perfect framed mirror to comlpete the remodel.

Due to cost and inability to find the perfect size, our clients were forced to install an unsightly frameless mirror. We also quickly realized, existing home owners with frameless mirrors were out of options.


Most homeowners did not want to tackle tearing out an existing mirror, repairing the drywall, painting touchups and then locating the perfect sized framed mirror. All of these reasons were not cost effective.


This led us to start offering Mirror Mate. With over 65 styles to choose from, this product is The Solution to your Frameless Mirror.


Mirror Mate frames your existing mirrors with decorative frames. Your mirror does not have to be removed, no mess or tear out needed. This is a cost effective way to update, enhance and transform those large mirrors in your bathrooms.



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