Bedroom Addition

Our customers had a blended family and needed more bedrooms added to their small country home. We supplied the needed excavation, block foundation, framing and windows and siding work. We also took care of all the interior framing. The homeowners finished the interior themselves.

Getting the Roof Right:

Getting the right look for your addition’s roof is key to integrating it into your home’s exterior design. The best way to tie your addition’s roof in with the rest of the house is to take cues from the existing architecture. If the addition’s roof mimics the look of the existing roof lines, it won’t stick out as an obvious add-on. It also helps to copy the pitch of the existing roof since it likely takes important variables such as lo-cal climate and rafter size and spacing into account. You may also decide to mimic other variable features such as the soffit style, depth of the eaves and end wall overhang.