Fifties Update

Wall to wall tile covered this 1950‘s bath-room it was time to give this room a make-over! Demo, demo, demo was the theme for a few days of this messy, dusty tile re-moval. We were able to put a bin outside the window to help keep the mess down to a minimum.

All New:

A new vanity cabinet, counter top/sink, faucet, 3 piece shower unit/door were installed. Porcelain wall tile was installed where removal took place to keep with the original style of the home.

Did You Know:

Due to the scope of work the remodel entailed this project lasted about 4 weeks. Plumbing, Electrical, Drywall, Painting, Flooring tile work, and Inspections were all performed. Projects in small spaces can take longer because only one trade can be working on site at a time.