Holp Construction & Design's team can build you any size Deck or Screen Room desired, giving you that nice outdoor space for all those summer bbqs' and back yard parties.

If your priority is quality vs. cost then we are the right fit for you. We don’t skimp on lumber or use inferior building products. We want our quality building to last you decades.

Compared to the guys who only build decks or screen rooms all summer we can be a little higher in cost but we are also higher in quality.

Where to Begin….

Write out a prioritized list of your space needs and want. Search through magazines and websites to collect pictures and design ideas of what elements your would like for your new deck or screen room. The more clearly you can envision your project the better prepared you’ll be in making your decisions.

Think about the size, steps, and railings you want. Do you want different levels? Natural wood or stained? Maybe you would like a combination of both deck and screen room.

Try to imagine the space finished and how you will use the space. will you be hosting our door parties? Do you like extra outdoor furniture? All these elements factor into your new deck or screen room design.

Having a budget for your project…

Going online to investigate national remodeling cost averages, can be helpful in getting a realistic idea of what your new deck or screen room may cost. This is something we will discuss as we look at your needs and wants for your project. We call this budget qualifying. Budget qualifying will help us both know if we should continue forward with the estimate/bid stage or if additional time is needed to work towards your remodeling goals.