Welcome to Holp on Homes

I look forward to sharing with you all that I have learned over the years working and running our remodeling business.

A girl needs a pink tool belt, don’t you think?
I have been a contractors wife for over 20 years and see how hard he works to provide for his family and his customers.
I have worked on many projects over the years when we were short handed installing tile, siding, painting and running the saws. My children have grown up around the business and have helped during summers picking up shingles, and cleaning up job sites. Today our son works fun time as a finish carpenter alone side my husband and my daughter helps us with our marketing.
“Holp on Homes” was a name given to us by a dear customer and now friend. She hired us to do an extensive home remodel and she love watching all the home Improvement TV shows. She would ask Terry about different products and install options, and he would always let her know the products he would choose or how he would install it if it was his home. She would say “I have my very own Holp on Homes right here working on my house.”
I hope you enjoy the blog, and please be kind as I’m not a professional writer and often make spelling and grammar errors!
I’ll be sharing home tips, product info, and knowledge to help improve your remodeling experience and teach you how to communicate better with your contractor.
Since design is a big part of what we do, we’ll also will be sharing design, decorating and organizational tips.
It’s my hope that you will gain an appreciation for the professional remodeler and understand the real value they have to offer.

Thank You and I look forward to your feedback….

April Holp

Remodeling Specialist

Holp Construction & Design LLC

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